I first tried yoga fourteen years ago and absolutely hated it. 

Now, I teach yoga.
Funny how things work out. 



I am ever curious & am a junkie for learning. I’ve never really heeded my mother’s warning about talking to strangers. I am an ambivert and a libra through and through (aka indecisive and fickle as heck). I love good design, good food, good music, and good conversation. I am a solar powered nap queen. You can find me in The Nature. 


Yoga was  "too slow" for my full-speed-ahead lifestyle. I was always turned off by the spirituality of it all. It wasn't until many years later, after hitting some serious life lows, that I found a sense of comfort and a sense of "home" in my body through yoga and meditation.  I fell in love with the fluidity of the postures, and the emotional and physical strength I found in the stillness

After doing my time at University (and with a shiny degree to prove it), I threw it all to the wayside to pursue my passion. What can I say? #typicalmillenial



Along with a B’Sc and a year of studying human kinetics and anatomy under my belt, I have my RYT-500 hour with a focus in Structural Alignment Yoga Therapy. 

Additionally, I am Mat Pilates certified and have done ongoing training in Alignment & Adjustments with Amy Ippoliti. I am a certified Advanced Flatwater Stand up Paddle Board (SUP) instructor through Paddle Canada and am trained to teach SUP Yoga.  



I aim to keep my classes interesting, educational, conversational, accessible, and playful (lame jokes included).