Trust the Process / by Anita Cheung

As a Libra, I’ve always found my indecisiveness a self fulfilling prophecy. Growing up, I would go to great lengths to make sure my decision was the “perfect” one. Everything from pros & cons lists to asking everyone and their dog for advice; I worried immensely about making the “wrong” decision. It wasn’t so much that I worried about what people would think of my decision (although I can completely understand how that can be a concern), it was more so I didn’t want to fail.

 What I’ve since learned is that for most things in life, there really isn’t a “wrong decision”. We have so much choice in our everyday lives and we often don’t realize it. It is this choice that frees us. Sure, there are lots of things we can’t control but things like choosing the perception we wish to take and choosing how we want to feel is liberating as it means nothing can be “wrong”. Did you pick the crazy ice cream flavour and realized after the first lick you would have rather had vanilla? That’s ok to feel this way, AND, know that how this affects the rest of your day is your choice. You can choose to laugh it off, maybe get another ice cream later, or choose to be a grump about it. I know that’s a bit of a silly example but I’m sure you see how this can translate into bigger decisions (e.g. deciding whether to leave or stay in a relationship, a job, etc.).

Go through what you need to make a decision (weigh it out, talk to a few people) and essentially, at the end of the day, go with your gut. Take some to sit with yourself, quieting your thoughts. Breathe. Focus on nothing else but the inhale and the exhale and how it feels.  See if you can hush the rational part of your mind, and then ask yourself the question again. Listen to the emptiness and see if you can “feel” out the right answer.

And when you finally do decide, know that no decision is final. Know that everything is as it should be. That you are doing what you are doing because it will make sense a few years down the road. If it doesn’t make sense quite yet, keep on keeping on with your gut. Trust the process.

As people, we fear change because we are unsure of what is to come. One of the greatest nuggets of wisdom I’ve received so far this year is to:

 “Be okay with uncertainty”.

Once you are comfortable with this, then you are allowing life to happen, allowing yourself to be present and adapt and adjust accordingly to the situation. Stay true toyou at each point in your decision making process and let life take care of the rest. As long as you continue to make decisions that are true to you, the you that you are at this very moment, you can rest happy knowing that you’ve done all you can do and you can face the future fearlessly, no matter what it brings.


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