How Yoga can save your relationships by Anita Cheung

We hear so many great lessons in our yoga classes and yet we often forget to apply them in our everyday relationships. Things like going with the flow and accepting things as they are sound wonderful in theory, but when we have to apply them to situations- like when someone we love moves away-, it's an entirely different story. We say we know all about compassion and forgiveness- until our best friend starts dating our crush. read more, click title 

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Why C(OM)MUNITY? by Anita Cheung

C(OM)MUNITY is both a social experience and a weekly progressive yoga class.

The idea behind C(OM)MUNITY came about during my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training. Here I was breathing, sweating, and practicing with a group of strangers a few days a week... read more, click title 


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Digesti(om): Yoga for Digestion by Anita Cheung

For most of us, we’ve heard about the relaxation benefits of yoga and deep breathing. However, have you ever considered how you can take your yoga practice off the mat, to the dinner table, and beyond? In this two part series, we discuss how yoga can help improve digestion. read more, click title 

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How to: Stop being angry in 3 steps by Anita Cheung

Step 1: Stop beating yourself up for being angry.
Step 2: Let it go. 

Note: This post was originally featured on Girlvana Yoga. While the original audience was teen girls; learning to live with, and let go of, anger is something we all struggle with regardless of age. read more, click title

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Attitude of Gratitude by Anita Cheung

Whether it's Ted  Talksscientific studies, or even inspirational quotes, everyone seems to be talking about gratitude. Why?

..Because it works.

Note: This post was originally posted on Girlvana Yoga and was written with a teen girl audience. However, I figured everyone, regardless of age, can benefit from a little more gratitude. read more, click title 


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Flexibility and Yoga by Anita Cheung

"I'm not good at yoga.- I'm not very flexible."

I've heard those two phrases above more times than I can count and my response is always- "Nonsense, you can't be "bad" at yoga."

To which I'm often met with laughter, and sometimes an insistent, "No, seriously. I'm REALLY not flexible." 

Why do I think Yoga is not about being flexible? For the following 3 reasons.... read more, click title

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