Betty is a subscription-based meditation community that runs off of Instagram. With a tagline of “Real Live Beditations for Real Lazy People”, the intention is to keep meditation light-hearted, something people actually do (rather than wish they did) and a reason to gather.

Every morning at 6, 7, and 8AM, there are 10 minute live guided meditations in which subscribers can “tune in”. These broadcasts are then saved for the rest of the day so that those who sleep in, or in a different time zone, can watch it as well. Every time someone watches a meditation, it is noted as a point in an exclusive incentives program- where folks are encouraged to rack up, and redeem their points. (Like Chuck-E-Cheez but for adults and self care.)


The power of Betty rests in 5 key points:

1.) Live meditations that change daily in accordance to what’s happening in the world

2.) Feel Seen: Someone cares whether or not you show up and will follow up with you if you are MIA for a few weeks to make sure you’re taking care of yourself

3.) Feel Connected by getting to know others in the Betty Community through daily check-in questions. It’s like waking up in a slumber party but you get to sleep in your own bed.

4.) Feel Inspired: every Betty Broadcast ends with a take-away piece. Typically food for thought, uplifting news of the day, an interesting video or article, maybe a quote, or a recommendation for an IG account to follow.  Every Friday, this curated list gets sent out along with the subscriber's points balance.

5.) The Power of Routine: Sometimes, especially for those struggling with their mental health and illness, it’s just about finding something to get you up in the morning.


In short, meditation saved my life. I struggled with my mental health for years, although my family and ex boyfriends would just call me "emotional" and "crazy". It wasn't until my early 20s when I was told I had depression, and it was only after I confessed to being suicidal that I was referred to a therapist who would teach me the meditation tools that have taught me to manage my mental health.

I can remember being in the thick of it all, body numb, and thinking to myself "I really, really, hope that no one else feels this way."

Coming out of that experience, I knew I wanted to share the practice with as many people as possible, in hopes that it makes a difference to at least one person. 


In 2014, I created one of the first pop up meditation studios, free of charge, for the Vancouver community as one way to share meditation and mindfulness. (Note: this was before any of the big studios would open in New York & LA.) Since then, I opened Canada’s first modern meditation studio in 2016, and after leaving that business, am bringing meditation to a demographic I care deeply about- young adults between the ages of 16-25.


If you would like to connect about this project or want to hear more about my story, I am happy to chat. I am also open to speaking about my experience with mental health & mindfulness. Feel free to reach me at  HELLO@ANITACHEUNG.CA