MOMENT is a mindfulness movement, and Canada's first modern meditation studio, dedicated to making meditation simple and accessible. In the past, MOMENT has existed as a week long pop up installation in a street-front space , as well as a day-long pop up meditation mobile in Downtown Vancouver. Today, MOMENT is Canada's first modern meditation studio & soon to be the world's first mobile meditation studio. 

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In short, meditation saved my life. I struggled with my mental health for years, although my family and ex boyfriends would just call me "emotional" and "crazy". It wasn't until my early 20s when I was told I had depression, and it was only after I confessed to being suicidal that I was referred to a therapist who would teach me the meditation tools that have taught me to manage my mental health.

I can remember being in the thick of it all, body numb, and thinking to myself "I really, really, hope that no one else feels this way."

Coming out of that experience, I knew I wanted to share the practice with as many people as possible, in hopes that it makes a difference to at least one person. 


SEPTEMBER 2014- Hosted Canada's first (pop up) meditation space- where participants could not only meditate on their own, but were led through group meditations, a mindful meal/ long table dinner, and guest speakers. 

DECEMBER 2015- I rented a vintage streamline trailer and turned it into a meditation studio for the day. Parked in the middle of Downtown Vancouver, the space was designed to provide a brief moment of refuge for those caught up in the holiday shopping madness. 

OCTOBER 2016 We open Canada's first modern meditation studio in Gastown, Vancouver BC. Details about our location and offerings here.

2017- We are currently developing the world's first fleet of mobile meditation studios. Stay tuned. 

If you would like to connect about this project or want to hear more about my story, I am happy to chat. I am also open to speaking about my experience with mental health & mindfulness. Feel free to reach me at  HELLO@ANITACHEUNG.CA