Private yoga is bespoke yoga in the comfort of your own home, at a time that works for you. 



  • You are new to Yoga/ movement & would like a “101″ session before delving into public classes

  • You have injuries that require specific attention

  • You want to be able to direct your practice, go at your own pace, and focus on specific parts of the body with the help of a registered professional

  • You are busy or work odd hours and are unable to make it to class times at studios

  • You would like to start meditating and want to work with guided meditation

If you are interested and would like to book in for a private yoga session, please email HELLO@ANITACHEUNG.CA


"When I found Anita online, I had been on a search for a private yoga instructor for months. When I read her description on her personal experience or rather her “struggle” when she first started getting into yoga and in my head, I was screaming “that’s how I feel! Oh my god, I’m not alone!” I wasn’t able to find something that could be fun, lighthearted, motivating, and enjoyable all at once. Now about 9 months into working together, our weekly session has become something I look forward to no matter how many other exciting things I have planned for the week. Anita has become someone who not only keeps me moving but also inspires me to focus on what is good for me outside of class as well." -Tiffany Y