Let's create together

Have a good idea you need some design and/ or photography work for? See my past work & shoot me a message here.

Let's stretch together

I started teaching yoga almost 6 years ago and while I don't have too many public classes these days, I DO offer private yoga.

Let's meditate... or beditate

Real Live meditations for Real Lazy people. Wake up with me and a bunch of other cool people every day. Tune in- no leaving the house required.

Let's gather

Curating and creating safe spaces- both online and IRL- for womxn of colour to come together. Feel seen, heard, and understood.


Let's learn

One of my favourite creative projects to date- Where Are You Really From is a photo series exploring what it's like to be a woman of colour.

Let's look

GlitterGurlz was my first creative endeavour into storytelling with photography. Peep the series based around sex & consent here.

Let's watch

Mental health is v important to me. I made this video as a visual portrayal of the sh*t that goes on in my brain sometimes.